Terraform Service Catalog

If you've discovered Pipelines or Terraform Cloud, you know just how powerful a sophisticated deployment triggered from a code update in a repo is for an organization. I've setup and tested a Service Catalog in Azure Devops that operates like a "code factory", but the templates in this case, are all Terraform.

Run a Pipeline to create a new offering, and an instance of that offering. Update the code base and the pipeline will run to keep the configuration up to date. Clone the offering to create a new instance for a different use, or a different template.

Link your existing repo Landing Zone from any other hosting platform and use the pipeline here for deployment.  Link your terraform modules repo to ensure the offering lands with all the other modules you might be using.  Write API calls from your runtime of choice that kick off the new offering or new instance pipelines.  Copy the pipeline into Github or Gitlab CI/CD, and this can be be the automation powerhouse of your organization!


If you're interested in implementing something like this for you or your company, please inquire here: chad@seehad.tech for pricing, thank you!